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Off The Beaten Path Walks

Seeking for other areas out of the traditional landmarks?

Come with us by the hand of local experts on our themed walks, out of the ''tourist map''.

4.5 hr

South Area

Origins of Buenos Aires

We will look beyond the guide book and learn about the foundation spot of the city, check out our iconic buildings, visit important landmarks of our history such us the history of ''the mothers of the Mayo Square'' and a centre of detention testimony of one of the darkest moments in history. We will also walk around areas that are witness of the beginning of the working class. Our walk is focused in the main south spots of the city with deep immersion in our culture and history.  Mayo Square, San Telmo and  the colorful Caminito in La Boca - Optional visit of Boca Juniors stadium.

 3.5 hr

North Area

The Paris of Buenos Aires

This areas will reveal unique examples of the ''Paris of Southamerica''. Walking through this neighborhoods with Joy will give you an interesting perspective of our history, arquitecture and culture. We will walk in its major streets and also visit, towards the end, the  famous cemetery where Evita Peron rests, among other important people.



Recoleta Cemetery

Come and join me as we learn about the history, curiosities, and secrets of one of the most amazing cemeteries of the world. 






Buenos Aires Highlights in 1 DAY

1 FULL DAY exploring the highlights of this amazing & vibrant city - Great tour for people that do'nt have enough time and want to make the best out of their day!

Drum Workshop

In this Drum Workshop you will have an exceptional opportunity to experience authentic southamerican music with local atmosphere and learn about its origins, including the Tango tradition. A great activity for travelers that are craving for real and out of the beaten path experiences. 

No previous experience needed.



La Boca

Pick up from your accommodation and local transport to La Boca area. Visit caminito street, optional visit to the Boca football stadium and free time for  exploring this beautiful part of town by the hand of your local tour guide. Learn about La Boca history & tango.

Authentic & local experiences