A day like today an argentine invention was born, the colectivo.

Colectivo: local bus

A day like today the very first COLECTIVO was born ! what not many people know is that is an argentine Invention. Yes!

Year 1920, a group of taxi drivers gathered in a bar in Buenos Aires to discuss a new means of transport, mainly to carry more passengers and beat the cost of taxi meters.

It was exactly in 1928, when in London you could see the first image on television; when Einstein presented his unified field theory and Malcolm Campbell was driving a car at 333 km per hour . That year, the taxis of Buenos Aires began to feel the lack of passengers and they met in a a group of tired drivers with misfortune. One 24 of September of 1928, in the same corner where they met, they began to offer a trip shouting in the corner for 20 cents (one-fifth of what it would have cost in taxi).

For greater convenience, they expanded the capacity of passengers per car and carried 1 person by the driver and four in the back.

After the success of the initiative, many began to implement it.

This Argentine invention came to Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and, slowly, other cities worldwide.

Over time, the vehicle got bigger. It was painted in bright colors, inscribed on its sides the name of the enterprise with a style called ‘’fileteado’’.

Once got popular there were about 40 colectivos on service . They had up to 5 passengers and charge t when they reached their destination .

The terminals were written in chalk with a wooden board at the front of the bus and the driver use to choose the bus number.

Because women were reluctant to get on the buses, the drivers hired some women to encourage others to do so. After they

started to have courage to jump in, they even were exclusive lines for women!

The every day of a porteño (Someone who comes from the port city of

Buenos Aires) resides on taking a colectivo, once borned in 1928 and changed the history of transportation for ever.


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