Mia & Geoff - Toronto, Canada

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''My husband and I had the pleasure of honeymooning in Argentina. To say our trip would not have been complete without Joy, is an understatement. Joy showed us a behind the scenes look at the beautiful country, culture and wonderful people. She made every step of the trip memorable. Always positive, smiling, and up for an adventure. Joy truly loves her home, and wants to show it off to the world. We are very thankful that we had the opportunity for her to share it with us. We hope to be back one day soon! Lots of love from Canada!''

Caroline - Austria


''When you travel you don’t want to walk the mainstream tourist path. You want to experience a place in its full authenticity and off the beaten track by inhaling local life and hearing real stories from locals.That’s exactly what Joy does! She’s an authentic, vivacious, funny lady with great insights, insider tips and fun facts. She lives and breathes Buenos Aires and made me do it too while I was there!''

Simon and Rachael from Auckland, New Zealand

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''We first met Joy in Buenos Aires, she was super friendly and full of energy and ideas, and really got us excited about seeing what the city had to offer right from the start.Joy’s knowledge and passion for Buenos Aires was evident right from the beginning of our tour of the city and she passed this onto us in her own unique way, you couldnt help but abosrb her passion and excitement (particularly if you get her talking abouther beloved Boca football team!).As we toured around Joy had a great awareness of the interests of both the group as a whole and of individuals, highlighting sights and activities which would be of an interest to each. Then with her knowledge of the city and her contacts was happy, and easily able to help organise whatever this may be, whether this was attending a football match, an amazing tango and dinner evening (including tango lessons!), or a great place to eat. Joy was also happy to accompany us out to dinner or out to bars, letting us have a great time experiencing the city like a local while feeling safe and secure, so that we could really enjoy ourselves worry free.We couldn’t recommend any better person as a guide!''

Allen & Kade - Asheville, NC - USA

''My wife and I celebrated our anniversary in Buenos Aires, on our first-ever visit to Argentina and South America. Two days of our trip were spent with Joy of Buenos Aires.  Although we could have crammed all the city tour spots into one day, which is what a lot of people do, we opted to do it over two whole days, giving us ample time to explore off-the-beaten path sites, take unlimited photos and shoot videos, relax as needed and snack whenever we desired.  Choosing two days (with a break in-between) was the best decision we made, and the 16 hours we spent with Joy, in a wide variety of situations, simply revealed to us that she is undoubtedly pursuing her passion!  And there's nothing better than having a guide/friend who seems as excited about her tours (ones she's done numerous times!) as you are.  It makes a big difference!  And in this day and age, where websites and ads often exaggerate a person's or product's accomplishments or benefits, my feeling is that Joy gives you amazing value for your investment.  And her website and Facebook page accurately reflect who she is and what she can do. Thank you, Joy!''

Katie - Seattle, USA

Seattle, USA

''Johanna has a passion about her country of Argentina that is incredibly infectious to anyone who meets and spends any time on a tour with her.  She is extremely knowledgeable with history and goes above and beyond to ensure travelers get the best experience possible.  Professional, but one of the most fun people you’ll encounter in a long while!''

Alan - Ireland

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''Buenos Aires is one of the best cities I have visited. Joy's knowledge and love of her city is obvious. She knows the best spots to see, eat and drink. She can tell you all about the fascinating history and culture of Buenos Aires. Her friendliness and infectious enthusiasm really helped me fall in love with the place. I can't wait to return to Buenos Aires, and when I do I'll definitely be getting in touch with Joy to show me what's new in the city!''

John - USA - Washington, DC

 ''From the first day I met Joy, I loved her! Joy is friendly, fun, off beat, and VERY knowledgeable about both the city Buenos Aires and argentinian history, culture and entertainment. I cannot recommend her strongly enough, she is wonderful: patient, caring and FUN! And she was even willing to put up with my feeble attempts at speaking Spanish! Great girl, awesome city, FUN FUN FUN!''

Tasha & Ravi - San Francisco, USA

San Francisco, CA

''My wife and I had the best time with Joy!  Joy is a ball of positive energy and very passionate about her home country. She also seems to know EVERYTHING about Argentina! I am vegetarian and all the restaurants Joy took us to were vegetarian friendly. Thank you Joy for making our trip so wonderful!''

Pete - UK

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''I can’t  recommend Joy highly enough.  If ever being supremely professional as well as bubbly becomes an Olympic sport, she would run away with the gold medal.  She loves her job and her home city, and it shone through, countless times going above and beyond the call of duty…Joy’s enthusiasm and attention to detail was my favourite thing.  Also she has a great dry sense of humour and her local knowledge of where to go and experience the culture was second to none.  You really felt you got the benefit of escaping the usual tourist traps and really seeing the city as it really is.    She had a genuine interest in your life too and tailored the programme to what you wanted…whether that was taking a tour of the Boca Juniors stadium, or watching some traditional dancing.  Joy just wanted you to make the most of your trip and for you to enjoy yourself, without it being forced fun.  To me that was important.  Seeing Peron’s grave,  visiting a distillery or having a great meal was just as key as unwinding with a drink or two at the end of the day.  Although I’m sure she would have shown us every spot in town and told us every historical fact if she could, she understood that a holiday is also about a bit of R&R and so the pace of it all was just right.    One last thing..Joy is a great photographer, so don’t be surprised to come away with some good snaps as well as some great memories! Can’t wait to go back some time and see my friend again.''

Tim - The Netherlands

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''Joy is a very passionate tourguide, she has a great love for her country and especially for her city Buenos Aires. She has so much knowledge and is very capable of delivering this knowledge about her city with passion. She is also very fun to hang out with and if you wanna go on a night out with her, she will make sure you see the right places and make you have a great time! During the tour that I had she became my friend, and I’m very glad that I’ve met her! Even after the tour we met for some drinks with other people of my group. If you choose to experience Buenos Aires with Joy, you won’t regret it!''

Aaron - Glasgow,Scotland. 

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''I had the pleasure of Joy being my tour guide.Joy is a fun, friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about her work. She never stops and has lots of local knowledge and contacts to make your trip really special and unforgettable. Joy took us off the beaten track and took us to places that weren't even on a typical itinerary. You won't find a better guide!''

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